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Article: Baby on the go

Baby on the go

Baby on the go


Buying a stroller may be a complicated process, given the number of choices available. Various styles of strollers and baby carriages exist, and each model has their own advantages and disadvantages. Double strollers are available if you plan to stroll more than one child at a time, or sit/stand strollers where it is possible for an older child to ride standing, while a younger child can comfortably ride in a seated position. Overall, picking a stroller can be quite overwhelming.

Here are the first questions you should ask yourself before getting a stroller:

1. Do you live in the city where you have to navigate curbs, rough surfaces, and use public transportation?
If so - think small and lightweight but durable

2. Are you a sub urban mother who drives to most places and only uses a stroller on smooth, paved surfaces?
If this is the case - you have room for a larger stroller, but you'll need to be able to lift it in and out of a car easily.

3. Are there stairs in your daily life?
Don't forget hat you'll probably be climbing the stairs with a stroller in one hand and a baby in the other, so it is important to factor weight and collapsibility into your purchase decision.

All In One Strollers
Modular and multi-terrain, the all in one stroller provides smooth maneuvering and is absolutely great for traveling overseas. It is also adjustable (so that your baby can face you or the rest of the world), easy to fold and unfold, and has many functions.

These three-wheeled strollers are aerodynamically designed for the serious runner. Made for either trail or street running, they're relatively lightweight which makes it perfect for running errands or going for all day excursions in the urban jungle.

Double Strollers
Double strollers come in two types. One for twins, and the other for two children of different ages. For twins, the double stroller comes in a side-by-side style, while the other style is the in-line type that places one child in front of the other.

These are the features you should look for in a stroller:

Car seat compatibility
Check if the stroller is compatible with your car seat, especially if you'll be in and out of your car a lot.

Adjustable handlebars
Handlebar-height that can be adjusted can be among the more important features for comfortable use over time, especially for parents with very different heights.

Type of handlebar
Some strollers have one straight handlebar while some have two curved handles. The straight handlebar makes navigating a little easier, but the two curved bars make the stroller more collapsible, so consider the trade-off.

Your Own Comfort
Spend some time testing how comfortable you are striding behind different strollers. The size of the wheels, angle of the seat, and handlebar positions all affect how you feel handling that stroller.

Multi Stages
Some strollers offer multi-baby or multistage options that will allow you to keep adding to your growing family with your first investment

With any luck, you might be able to use your stroller for more than one child. Be sure to consider wheel construction, as plastic wheels can begin to stick and become difficult to manage over time.

Compact or Bulky
Consider how compact or bulky the stroller can be and whether it will take up too much space in elevators or the trunk of the car.

Seat reversibility
Many strollers give you the choice of which direction you want your baby to face. You'll probably want to start out with your baby facing in your direction – which allows you to feel as if you are spending time with your child rather than just pushing a stroller.

This safety feature keeps your stroller from rolling away when you're not moving. Look for brakes that are conveniently located, for times when your hands are full.

Locking front wheels
Normally, wheels are made to rotate from side to side independently for maximum maneuverability, but many four-wheel, all-terrain strollers will have front wheels that lock off so that they roll together, allowing it to operate more like a jogger and making it easier to go in a straight line.

Adjustable seat position
In most strollers, the seat will have multiple positions so that your child can sit straight up, recline slightly, or stretch out for a nap while you walk.

Safety strap
All strollers come with a strap, located near the handlebars, so you can attach it around your wrist for extra security.

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