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Article: Mealtime

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When your baby is old enough to sit down for meals, it is important to get a good highchair that is safe for babies. For example, some high chairs come with accessories that emphasize safety and comfort - such as a baby set, cushion and harness and can be used from infancy to adulthood! No matter what type of chair you buy, here are a few things to consider.

Determine how much space you need and if you can include the highchair at your dining table.

As a general rule, the wider the base of high chairs, the more stable it will be. Make sure tours will stay standing through hectic mealtimes.

Be prepared for the mess your baby will make. No matter what highchair you choose, make sure it's easy to clean

Equipment & Utensils

When babies start weaning, they use a lot of the same dishes we do, just in smaller sizes. You will probably need one or more of each of the following.

Plates and Bowls
Your child's dishware-both plates and bowls-should be designed to make scooping easy. It is also useful to have a plate or bowl that sticks to the table.

Start your child off with a training cup that has a lid and two handles for easy gripping. Then move on to Sippy cups with spouts to prevent spills. Eventually, your child will graduate to an open-top cup with no lid. Just make sure the cup is small enough to hold and has a sturdy base to discourage spills.

Baby Spoons
In the initial phase, you'll want a long-handled spoon with a small, soft rubber scoop that's ideal for a baby's toothless mouth. When your baby starts wanting to feed him or herself, look for short, soft spoons that make scooping easy.

Toddler Utensils
When your baby is able to use their own spoon, they'll start asking for utensils like yours. Now is the time to introduce toddler utensils: small-sized forks & spoons.

Starter chopsticks
are also available to enhance dexterity.

A baby food maker is a good option for preparing wholesome and nutritional baby food. It gives you control over what ingredients will go into your baby's food. Not all vaby food makers are the same, however, and there are some features you may prefer over others. For instance, you may like the kind that can make large quantities of food t freeze and store for later use.

When choosing a baby food maker, look for a machine that has many features, yet is compact enough to keep on your kitchen counter. If you prefer to make large batches of baby food, you'll need a large capacity unit. Consider the materials used for your baby food maker, as some plastics contain chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or bisphenol A (BPA). In addition, choose a unit with an unbreakable bowl that is dishwasher safe.

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