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Set of 2 Hegen Ppsu Milk Bottles 150ml Nipple Size S From 1 - 3 Months, White

Sale price950.000₫

  • World's first patented threadless one-hand closure. Improved press to close, twist to open, PCTO makes operation easy and does not spill
  • The vent bypasses the milk to avoid aeration, minimizing oxidation of valuable nutrients. The built-in anti-colic vent helps reduce unwanted air intake and protects your baby from colic.
  • The elliptical silicone nipple closely mimics the mother's breast to simulate a real latching experience, making combining breast and bottle feeding possible. The off-center nipple helps your baby breastfeed in a natural, upright position.
  • Express, Store and feed in a single container with interchangeable adapters, filling and storage caps. No need to transfer wasteful milk