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Stokke® Snoozi™ Multi-Purpose Crib

Sale price8.690.000₫

New version of Stokke® Snoozi™ crib with superior improvements. In addition to high-quality oak wood and a luxurious oval design, the Stokke® Snoozi™ crib is also equipped with soft, breathable cushions to create a perfect space for your baby. In particular, the cradle is also easy to adjust to suit each stage of your baby's development. Use the high position for newborns for the first 6 months, then just lower the mattress when your baby can learn to stand up and use it until your baby is 9 months old or weighs 15kg. In case you need to move the Stokke crib ® Snoozi™, every operation will be easy because the crib is light in weight and can be easily assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes.

Product characteristics:
- Age of use: From birth to 9 months old
- High quality breathable cushion, highly durable
- Fabric material from 100% recycled Polyester, breathable to help ensure a well-ventilated space and maintain the appropriate temperature for your baby
- The legs are made of high-quality FSC® certified oak
- Lightweight aluminum frame, high durability
- Easy assembly in just a few minutes without tools
- Easy to clean
- Fabric can be washed with warm water at 40°C
- The product includes a convenient carrying bag for easy storage and transportation
- Does not contain toxic substances
- The product has been tested for quality and safety


Product dimensions (cm/in): 59.7 x 76 x 87.1 / 23.5 x 29.9 x 34.3
Weight (kg/lb):7.3 kg / 16.1 lb
Suitable age: 0-9 months
Suitable weight: 15 kg / 33 lb
- legs: oak
- Anodized aluminum frame
- Woven fabric from 100% recycled Polyester

Stokke® Snoozi™ Multi-Purpose Crib
Stokke® Snoozi™ Multi-Purpose Crib Sale price8.690.000₫