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T-Ester Pigeon SofTouch 3 milk bottle - Leaves

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Backed by more than 60 years of research into baby's natural sucking behavior, the new upgraded Pigeon SofTouch Bottle launching in 2022 comes with a research-based latch for proper latch and an even nipple. even softer, closest to the mother's breast.

Developed to functionally mimic the sucking motions a baby makes when feeding from the breast, the SofTouch Bottle is specifically crafted to help breastfeeding mothers seamlessly feed their babies with both breast and bottle.
Anti-colic with advanced venting system that minimizes air being swallowed when your baby drinks. Rest assured and enjoy precious moments with your baby!

Made from T-Ester, an innovative material exclusive to Pigeon, it has excellent glass-like transparency for better visibility as well as high resistance to UV degradation, making it environmentally friendly. with an ultraviolet sterilizer*. It's the obvious choice for your quality meal time.

The nipple's tip is rounded to help milk flow out evenly and slowly. Newborns have not yet developed jaw muscles, so nipples are designed to support the baby's ability to suck at this age. *For bottles only.

Available in 2 sizes – 200ml, 300ml. Compatible with SofTouch™ nipples.
From 0 months or more. 200ml comes with a SS sized nipple specially designed for newborn babies.
For babies 3 months and up. 300ml comes with size M nipple with Y-shaped hole on the nipple.

New SofTouch™ product features:

  • The bottle is made of T-Ester, improved materials Developed and manufactured in Japan, first used in feeding bottles. It has High quality glass-like clarity and UV sterilizer friendly</strong>*
  • The number 1 global milk bottle brand , trusted by mothers around the world
  • Improves softness closest to mother's breasts
  • New pacifier strap added Instruct mother and baby how to latch in the correct position
  • Anti-flatulence , Advanced ventilation system helps reduce the amount of air intake that causes bloating
  • Bottle design is easier to hold
  • Does not contain BPA/BPS
  • Born from more than 60 years of extensive research into the three main factors that create a baby's natural sucking behavior:
    • Hold on tight
    • Sucking (peristaltic movement of the tongue)
    • Swallow

How to clean the product:
Immediately after use, rinse with warm water and wash with Pigeon Liquid Facial Cleanser. Use a sponge brush to wash plastic bottles.

How to sterilize the product:
Disinfection method: Boiling, steaming, chemicals, ultraviolet sterilization
Be sure to disinfect before each use. p>

Sterilize by boiling/steaming:
Thoroughly wash the nipple, bottle, cap and lid and place in water. Boil water. Sterilize for 5 minutes after the water boils.
Can be sterilized with chemicals and sterilized by microwave.
Use disinfecting products specifically for bottles and pacifiers. Follow the instructions in the user manuals for these products. When sterilized with chemicals, the print on the bottle may become blurred.
UV sterilization:
Follow the instructions in the user manual provided by the UV sterilizer manufacturer. The product should be replaced when it begins to lose color and/or turn opaque.

Disinfection method Boiling, steam, chemicals, ultraviolet rays Part Document Heat resistance Bottle Poly-cyclohexylene dimethylene naphthalene (PCN or T-Ester) 120°C Nipples Silicone rubber 140°C Hat Polypropylene (PP) 120°C Hood Polypropylene (PP) 120°C

* for bottles only

# White and brown dots are characteristic of T-ester material; therefore they are unavoidable and harmless to infants. We would like to assure you that our T-ester Baby Bottles have undergone strict compliance hygiene tests on food contact materials in accordance with European Standard (EN14350) legislation. to comply with the highest quality standards and be safe for intended use.

Product lifespan
Alternate using 2 or more nipples for about 2 months before replacing. To avoid worn nipples, replace them sooner if necessary, regardless of how many times they have been used. Bottle is recommended

T-Ester Pigeon SofTouch 3 milk bottle - Leaves
T-Ester Pigeon SofTouch 3 milk bottle - Leaves Sale price350.000₫ Regular price364.529₫