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Applecrumby Airplus Overnight Mini Tape Size S - 23 Pieces

Sale price195.000₫

Applecrumby is also known as horse diapers - this is a product developed by a famous brand from Malaysia.

Besides, the Applecrumby brand also covers many other countries around the world such as Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei...

The Applecrumby brand mainly develops quality diaper products for babies.

Applecrumby uses 100% no chlorine bleach, no peraben harmful to babies, absolutely safe to use for babies, so since then it has been trusted by many Vietnamese mothers.

Choosing diapers for your baby's age and size is very important. In addition to good absorption and ventilation, you cannot ignore finding diapers that fit your baby's body.

Applecrumby is a line of diapers that are extremely good for your baby's health and skin, thin, light, delicate, and highly absorbent for up to 10 hours.

Product advantages:

– Highest quality soft material, does not cause allergies or diaper rash, and is environmentally friendly.
– Completely free of Chlorine, DEHP, Phthalates, Heavy Metals, Asbestos, Perfumes...
– Made with naturally derived, plant-based materials.
– The pulp used to make Applecrumby diapers is very high quality, does not contain chlorine & comes from Finland! The most advanced absorbent technology from Japan.
– The inside of the diaper is designed with a diamond cell to help distribute moisture evenly.
– Protect and dry for up to 10 hours with Japanese premium absorbent Polymer particle technology
- 03 diaper overflow lines: When the line on the baby's diaper changes color, it signals to the mother that "It's time to change the diaper!"...
– Wide, high, 360-degree elastic waist band provides comfort when moving without worrying about sagging.
– Adhesive tape wraps diapers neatly to protect the environment after convenient use.
– Tear and remove diapers easily
– Applecrumby can hold water up to x30 times its weight!
– 3 times more protection against leaks.
– Cotton material is super soft like feathers, breathable cotton fabric, high waist elastic & has extremely optimal elasticity.

What harmful effects does bleaching with chlorine have?

  • Bleaching with chlorine will create a chemical reaction called Dioxin that causes cancer. Dioxin is a poison that can cause many serious risks to health, especially the development of young children, from damaging the immune system to hormonal disruption.
  • Applecrumby diapers DO NOT CONTAIN chlorine bleaching agents. That's why AppleCrumby diapers are always popular with customers.

Features of Applecrumby diapers:

  • On the outside, Applecrumby diapers are designed quite simply, with a horse logo printed on them. The diapers have a standard shape so they are easy to wear. The baby does not leak because the diapers are designed with high sides and elastic thighs that fit well without red marks, making it very comfortable for the baby.
  • Besides, the diaper's waist elastic is made from high-quality material so it is quite soft and tight. The diaper's form is medium crotch, neither too long nor too short. In terms of design and shape, this type of diaper is doing quite well, bringing comfort to the baby when moving.
  • In particular, the absorbency of Applecrumby diapers is also quite good. After using it for a night, the baby will have a stretch phenomenon. The diaper absorbs well, so when you wake up in the morning, when you touch the baby's butt, it is not wet, and the diaper is not clumpy and does not cause a feeling of discomfort. uncomfortable for the baby.
  • In addition, the diapers have good softness, from the elastic waistband to everything, it is very soft and extremely comfortable for children to use. The diaper is quite thick and looks quite safe for the baby to use.
  • Applecrumby is highly safe, does not contain chlorine bleach, so mothers can rest assured letting their babies use it. When using diapers, your baby will not experience diaper rash or overflow because the absorbency of the diaper is quite good.
  • In addition, with a standard form design, full diaper utility design, fullness indicator, diaper tape after use will be very convenient.

Classification of Applecrumby diapers:

  • Currently, Applecrumby diapers have 2 types: day and night to serve your baby regularly. Detail:
    1. Applecrumby Slim diapers.
    2. Applecrumby Overnight diapers.

Both types of Applecrumby Malaysia diapers above come in both diapers and pants.
Detailed Applecrumby diaper size chart includes sizes:
S(3-6kg) | M(5-10kg) | L(9-14kg) | XL(12-18KG) | XXL (Over 18kg).
Depending on the child's weight and development, mothers can choose the most suitable and satisfactory Applecrumby diaper size for their child.

Product characteristics:
Innovative features help Applecrumby Airplus Mini night diapers become one of the most "top" absorbent night diapers:
+ GreenCore-Dry technology:
- Outstanding moisture lock thanks to 11 absorbent layers, combined with Japanese technology SAP super absorbent particles. Helps increase the ability to lock moisture and absorb liquid in the best way.
-100% of the absorbent layers do not contain Chlorine bleach - patented technology.
-Helps your baby stay dry for up to 12 hours.
+ Improved 3D wave surface:
-The previous diamond absorbent surface is replaced by a 3D wavy surface with thousands of absorbent holes.
-Increases the ability to conduct and spread liquid evenly, allowing faster absorption.
- Diapers limit accumulation and clumping.
+ Diapers with huge reserves:
-Applecrumby possesses a unique absorbent core design. Airplus Mini diapers can hold up to 1200ml of liquid (depending on size), making them one of the lines of diapers with the largest capacity today.
-Depending on your baby's living habits and diaper size, each diaper can last 10-12 hours, giving your baby a full and restful night's sleep.

Size chart:
– NB (<4kg): 20
– S (3-6kg): 23 pieces
– M (5-10kg): 21 pieces
– L (9-13kg): 19 pieces
– XL (11-16kg): 17 pieces
– M (5-10kg): 21 pieces
– L (9-14kg): 19 pieces
– XL (12-18kg): 17 pieces
– XXL (>18kg): 15 pieces

Applecrumby Airplus Overnight Mini Tape Size S - 23 Pieces
Applecrumby Airplus Overnight Mini Tape Size S - 23 Pieces Sale price195.000₫