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Taf Toys My First Domino Rally

Sale price650.000₫

Dominoes is an ideal game to play with toddlers. Because the rules are simple and children can benefit from playing as they learn to count and recognize patterns.
Playing Dominoes helps children improve their visual abilities, photographic memory and aids in the development of motor & cognitive skills.
This special domino meets the developmental needs of children over 18 months old when playing with its XL domino tail and domino rails.
Develop with your baby, Supports 4 stages of development.
Multiple evolving ways to play:
Domino's rally with the support of the railway
Dominoes assemble while matching, recognizing and naming colors
Domino while combining images
Domino while recognizing shapes and counting
The Domino's rally had no railroad support
The giant double-sided domino tile (6x12cm) fits toddlers' small hands while adapting to their developmental stage.
Comes with a set of 1 plastic rail (30*10cm), 1 colored bottom rail & 10 double-sided domino tiles (12*6cm)
Education & learning through play.
BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free.
Dimensions: 2.4”x 4.7” / 6x12 cm Perfect toy for children 12-36 months
Safety tested to meet our high standards.
Development value
18M+ Place and Push Race - Match tiles into slots Supports motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, spatial vision and strength regulation. Pushing the boxes is a lot of repetition, leading to high motivation for the child to repeat the action again and again with a lot of fun.
24M+ Color Gathering Places - Matching the color of the domino with the same color of the rail supports cognitive development with color recognition and matching skills.
24M+ Classic Domino - Play animal/number matching dominoes - Match numbers and shapes Helps toddlers recognize patterns, recognize and name basic shapes and get used to counting.
Trackless 36M+ race - Motor and cognitive skills. Your baby can now understand how to lay bricks without using rails.
Encourages fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition. Help your baby get used to counting