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Tiny Love Tl Musical Gymini Playmat - Treasure The Ocean

Sale price2.590.000₫

Tiny Love Treasure the Ocean 2-in-1 Musical Portable for Baby is a beautifully designed ocean playmat with 18 engaging activities and 2 modes of use - a spinning starfish mobile with music with 6 melodies and a spectacular light show AND a responsive tummy toy. This Gymini creates an inspiring and safe environment where your baby can explore and grow.

With a unique 2-in-1 mobile and belly-touching starfish toy
The moving starfish has a melody that converts into an engaging belly-slapping toy.
Smart connectors make dome adjustment for play modes and easy access.
Uniquely created evolving melody, adjustable usage mode, automatic OFF timer.
Super easy and quick to assemble and fold.
The development booklet focuses on music, babies and bonding.
With a range of advanced features, such as automatic OFF timer
5 LED lights with fading effects and more
Engages babies while nurturing their senses and cognitive development.
Recommended for 0M+

Users are encouraged to use new batteries with higher capacity to operate their mobile phones. The phone only rotates gently, soothing to the baby's vision. The angle of the mobile device may have to be adjusted during installation for the mobile device to function. It is normal for intermittent pauses in pumping before resuming.

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Play the original song created by our music therapist for your child on the Starfish mobile and use the tips that appear in the development booklet that comes with the playmat to transform singing to your child. into a memorable experience and enjoy the fun dance activity it includes.

The colors, textures and sounds of the gym stimulate your baby's senses from the first days. A great collection of activities and toys that will inspire your baby to practice skills and spend more time in tummy time. While lying on their back, let your baby enjoy the sweet music played by the starfish mobile hanging above, or practice hand-eye coordination by trying to reach out and hit the ringing wind chimes. the shrillness of a stingray.

Over 2 months: Extend the time lying on your stomach
Remove the attractive starfish mobile and use it in touch mode to encourage your baby to spend more time in tummy time, strengthening their muscles in preparation for the developmental milestones ahead. For gentler stimulation, draw your baby's attention to attractive shiny ribbons or let him look at his reflection in a mirror.

More than 6 months: UNDERSTAND CAUSE & EFFECT
As your baby gets older, it's time to continue exploring the different features in a more complex way, play with the mobile starfish in touch mode, enjoy a game of peek-a-boo, etc. The discovery of these toys will help your baby begin to form an understanding of the idea of ​​cause and effect.

Method of use:

While lying on their backs, babies will enjoy the music and movements of the moving starfish overhead, while also practicing reaching, hitting and grasping cute characters to develop motor skills and tactile awareness. vision, vision and hearing.

Tummy time
Turn the starfish mobile into a tummy-touching toy or use the attractive mirror, fun satin ribbon, peek-a-boo game and other features that will engage, delight and captivate your child. concentration, helps prolong tummy time and encourages motor skills.

When sitting up, your baby can continue to explore the enchanting moving starfish and other activities, enjoying their more complex features.

Switch mode
Simply press and slide the connector to move the arches and switch between two modes: elevated play gym or fun tummy time mat allowing more space for bonding.