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Pigeon Aloe Vera Milk Absorbent (Box of 30 pieces)

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Product Description

Pigeon Milk Absorbent Pads are convenient for mothers after giving birth

The product is used to absorb milk from mothers who are breastfeeding. The honeycomb mesh lining surface is soft and absorbent up to 20 times, keeping you always dry and hygienic when used. The adhesive will automatically peel off when opening the bag, place the liner on the shirt so the glue lines on top and bottom are vertical. From there, women will always feel dry and comfortable while ensuring hygiene for this sensitive area.

Ingredients : Polyolefin, Pulp tissue, Fluff pulp, Polyarylic acid, Sodium salt, Polyethylene, Synthetic, Rubber hotmelt, Silicone coated paper, Polyurethane, Polypropylene


- With aloe vera extract, it moisturizes, soothes the skin, is antibacterial, super absorbent and soft, keeping Mom dry and hygienic when used.

- The pad helps prevent the nipples from rubbing too much as well as creates a barrier between the nipple and the outer shirt, providing a comfortable feeling.

- Soft surface, 20 times more absorbent, giving mothers comfort and confidence for many hours.

- Domed design helps you easily fix it with the bra, does not move, creating a comfortable, fit feeling when wearing. You can comfortably move your hands to do housework without fear of the pad moving.

- Soft 3D middle edge hugs the entire breast.

- Double tape prevents movement inside the bra.

- The product is compactly packaged, convenient for you to carry and use when going to work or traveling.

Step 1: Remove the outer package.

Step 2: Open the mat.

Step 3: Separate the glue layer in the backing sheet.

Step 4: Fix the product inside the bra so that the top and bottom glue lines are vertical, the glue side facing outwards.

Place of production: Thailand

Storage instructions:

- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

– Breast pads should be changed after 3-4 hours of use.

– Breast pads should be changed after 3-4 hours of use.