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Bài báo: Body Spa

Body Spa

Body Spa

Bath Tubs

Your baby doesn't actually need a real bath until their umbilical cord has dropped off. It can be quite scary to bathe your newborn, as you'll worry if they might slip into the water. While it may seem strange, the best place to bathe your newborn is in the kitchen sink. Bathing your baby in the sink will not strain your back and allows you to feel more in control. It is also especially good if you have just had a c-section. Once your baby is bigger, you can transit them from the sink to the tub. Some tubs can be bought together with a bath stand so that you can bathe your baby without having to squat.

These are some features to look for in a tub:

Save yourself the effort of lifting a heavy tub by getting one with a drain. This is especially good if you are using the bath stand.
Water-line delineator.
A simple water-fill line inside the tub helps to make sure that you keep your baby covered without overfilling.

If you want added safety in the tub, consider these features:

Use a thermometer to make sure the water is not too hot or cold for baby.
Bath seat.
If yo're worried about keeping your baby still, then a bath seat will be nice to have.


Towels & Washcloths

There are two types of towels you can get for your baby: the kind with a hood or a simple rectangular towel. A hooded towel would be the best as it covers both the head and body and is easy for quick dry-offs. Washcloths or mittens are small towels that help scrub your little one without damaging their delicate skin.

Muslin cotton is the best fabric for your baby's towels and washcloths especially since it becomes softer with each use.

Body & Skincare

Most pediatricians recommend that you should avoid products containing mineral oil, petroleum, and lanolin. Parents should also be cautious of products with fragrances, even if the label states that they are hypoallergenic. Fragrances can affect babies differently, so it's best to go for fragrance-free products.

Here are the basic products you'll need to keep your baby looking fresh and smelling sweet, while keeping their skin soft and healthy:

From wash
A gentle formula for newborns. This is usually soap-free and can be used to gently cleanse both hair and body.
Two-in-one wash
Like foam wash, this product doubles as both shampoo and body wash, and is available for both newborns and older babies.
Shampoos and conditioners
These are just like the products you use, only gentler. For those who live in cold climates, leave-in conditioners can help dry hair and scalps.

Hair products
As your baby's hair grows longer and fuller, it is good to get a de-tangling shampoo so that washing and combing will not be something your child dislikes.

Bubble bath
Every child loves a bubble bath, and while you shouldn't use it every day, you'll definitely want to keep some on hand and use them for special "bath days" for your little one.

If your baby has dry skin, use a lotion that is suitable and safe for them.

Powder or talc
Some parents like the traditional idea of putting powder or talc on their babies, especially if you're living in a climate like Singapore. Baby powder can keep your baby fresh and cool. Just make sure the product is safe for baby to use.

Diaper cream
There are basically two types of diaper cream: those that protect against diaper rash (often known as barrier creams) and those intended to treat a rash. These creams come in a range of consistencies, from sheer balms to thicker creams to pastes. They may or may not include a zinc oxide barrier to protect your child against moisture for longer durations.

Children under the age of one need extra sun protection because of their thin and sensitive skin. Kid-formula sunscreens come in both lotions and light sprays to protect your baby's body and face.


Bath Toys

With the wide selection of bath toys available, it may be hard for you to make a choice, but with these simple tips, you can find the right kinds of toys for your child.

Look for bath toys made from durable materials that will not easily wear out, even when frequently thrown around or squeezed too hard.

Opt for bath toys that are made of cloth, rubber, or soft materials that will not hurt your child in case they accidentally hit themselves with it. Make sure the toy does not have any sharp or pointy edges, small parts that can easily fit into your child’s mouth or parts that can come loose like little sewn buttons. Also ensure that it does not have any parts that can rust since bath toys are always submerged in the water.

Educational Value
Choose toys that are not only fun to play with but also stimulate your child’s mind. Give them a bath puppet to encourage imaginative pretend plays and positive interaction, or give them a multi-colored wash glove to improve their visual perception and color discernment. Always remember that every single minute of your child’s day holds a possibility for learning and mind-enriching activities, and this includes bath time.

Holds your child’s interest
Select toys that are fun for your child to play with, and that have features or activities that will captivate your child’s attention for the whole duration of the bath. It is also smart to alternate different sets of bath toys everyday so that your child does not become easily bored with them.

Don’t spend on overly expensive toys or extremely cheap ones that seem too good to be true, but are in reality poorly constructed. Go for toys that come in reasonable and affordable prices but are guaranteed to be made of the highest standards of safety and quality to ensure that you only get the best for your child.

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