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Bottles & Accessories

Feeding bottles are essential even if you plan to breastfeed. There are plenty of options, but the first decision to be made is what style of bottle you want.

Plastic bottles
This the most popular choice amongst parents, as these bottles don't break, are typically less expensive and are easy to find.

Stainless steel bottles
If you are an eco-friendly person and conscious of the environment, then stailess steel bottles are the way to go. They are toxin-free, durable, and known for their resistance to corrosion and staining. Choose a good brand like Pura, for example, to make sure you get a safe range.

Bottle Warmers & Sterilizers

A bottle warmer is good to have as it can help ensure that you're serving your milk at the perfect temperature for your baby. Bottle Warmers come in all shapes and sizes and use different methods to warm your baby's meal. Some use a warm water bath, but many usually use steam.

Since newborn baby bottles should always be sterilized, a bottle sterilizer is a handy tool, and an easy alternative to boiling water on the stove. The best baby bottle sterilizer for you will depend on your needs and preference.

There are two choices of baby bottle sterilizer. Firstly, microwave sterilizers. These are containers in which you fit the bottles and then put into a microwave. They are quick and convenient but as its name suggests, a microwave is needed to use them. One good feature of microwave sterilizers is that you don't need to descale them.

The other option of baby sterilizer is the electric steam sterilizer. The advantage of a steam sterilizer is that it's all in one unit so a microwave is not necessary. This makes it ideal for travelling purposes.

Breast Pump

When choosing a breast pump, the first question to ask is: how often will you need it? If you are a mother that only looks for an occasional night out, or a working mother that has to store milk daily - the more you rely on your pump to keep up the milk supply, the more you'll want to spend. The better the pump, the easier pumping will be and the better you will feel about it. Moreover, while some women are able to get a good flow going with any pump, most find that higher quality pumps help them produce milk more easily. There are two types of breast pump to consider:

Electric Pump
These are the most powerful pumps, and they get the job done quickly and efficiently. They are more expensive than other pumps but are worth the investment if pumping will be part of your daily routine

Hand Pump
These manually controlled pumps are lightweight, small and inexpensive - and basically all you'll need if you want an occasional backup bottle or to express milk to relieve pressure.

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Food & Nutrition


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